Book Riot’s Deals of the Day for April 3, 2022

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Today’s featured deal

Rock Paper Scissors: A Novel

99 3.99
Rock Paper Scissors: A Novel By Alice Finney

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When They Are Dark: A Novel

When They Are Dark: A Novel By Paula McLean

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PostScript Murder

99 1.99
PostScript Murder By Eli Griffiths

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Dating playbook

Dating playbook By Farrah Rochon

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Good man

Good man By Hannah Kent

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A Duke by default: Reluctant Royals

99 1.99
A Duke by default: Reluctant Royals By Alyssa Cole

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The witch of the East End

The witch of the East End By Melissa de la Cruz

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All the murmuring bonus

99 1.99
All the murmuring bonus By AG Slater

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In that case you missed yesterday’s most popular deal

The Winter Witch

The Winter Witch By Paula Braxton

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The witch of New York

99 1.99
The witch of New York By Ami McKay

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Previous Daily Deals

Somewhere Between Bitter and Sweet Lichen Jaya Camp $ 2.99

্না 2.99 for Hannah Whitton’s Wolf

Kira Jane Buxton’s Holo Kingdom 2.99

Ransom Riggs Miss Peregrins Home for Strange Kids by 2.99

Kimberley Valley Crossbone 2.99

Joe Hannah Mikuta Gearbreaker 2.99

Chibundu Onuzo Sankofa 4.99

Rosalin Palmer Alexis Hall Cake costs $ 2.99

Slow Horse by Mick Herron 2.99

Middlegame by Seanan McGuire 2.99

Sosuke Natsukawa The Cat Who Saved Books 1.99

Boyfriend project By Farrah Rochon at 2.99

History of Transgender (2nd ed.) For $ 3.99 by Susan Striker

Tell me one last জো 6.99 by Joe Harkin

Crazy and bad: the real heroines of Regency At $ 3.99 by Bea Koch

And then there was no one আগ 2.99 by Agatha Christie

How to be perfect Michael Shur at $ 5.99

Fictional friend Stephen Chobosky at $ 2.99

Don’t burn this witch Isabel Sterling for 2.99

Brown Girl in the Ring At 99 1.99 by Nalo Hopkinson

The 100-year-old man who climbed out the window and disappeared $ 2.99 by Jonas Jonasan

Daughter of smoke and bones For 2.99 by Line Taylor

The Killing Moon এন 2.99 by NK Jemisin

Truth By Colin Hoover for 5.99

One good turn 2.99 by Kate Atkinson

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