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What is crypto seasonality?
Crypto Season Realize that Bitcoin There will be ups and downs in a certain period of time, which will greatly affect the crypto market as a whole.

Bitcoin ( BTC ) The world’s largest cryptocurrency, as well as the first. As the first cryptocurrency, it always has a lot of value locked in, and all subsequent coins, otherwise known as altcoins, are somehow bound to it.

However, Bitcoin Not a stable asset. The world’s first cryptocurrency is consistently in the price range, with thousands of dollars falling or rising at any one time. Every four years, this Instability Expect to reach a peak before crashing due to relatively difficult reasons Bitcoin Half the Bitcoin Is programmed in half Bitcoin Blockchain occurs every four years, halfway through and rewards for mining Bitcoin Is cut in half, effectively less sure Bitcoin Coming into circulation with each block excavation.

As the market tends to revolve around halving, as the price of Bitcoin rises due to its more rare nature, investors crash their newly-earned profits in a short period of time as they cash in, and as a result the market makes additional corrections. When Bitcoin If it crashes, more investors start worrying about their investment and may withdraw to transfer funds to altcoins.

72. Crypto Season Good or bad?

It affects everyone. But whether it is good or bad depends on your investment personality.

Crypto Season Depending on your outlook and investment personality can be seen as both good and bad. For one, new traders may see Season As a good thing, they can invest now Bitcoin At a lower price. Long-term holders, however, may hate crypto Season As them Bitcoin Holdings are guaranteed to collapse almost every four years, forcing them to wait for the downside or reinvest their holdings in Altcoin.

That said, one can almost always expect Bitcoin Due to get back up Demand and supply . While this belief is never guaranteed, the top cryptocurrencies have so far risen to historically high heights after each half.

3. How crypto Season Affects investors

Crypto Season Bitcoin-only can force investors to gamble in the altcoin market.

When the price of Bitcoin crashes, investors are almost forced to generate profits in the Altcoin market. That said, altcoins are completely unpredictable, and a project that is hugely popular one day could suddenly crash the next day.

The altcoin market is also full of scandals. Investors are taking advantage of anger and deceptive marketing. Regulatory policies are still in place and can negatively affect a trader’s experience as they develop. Exchanges can be hacked and holdings can be stolen. There is really no telling what could happen to the Altcoin market in the Wild West.

Of course, there are safer ways than others. Investors can buy in established passive income systems such as Uniswap’s ( UNI ) Invest in a liquidity pool, or not just participate in the process of digging or stacking a coin, but there is an underlying risk along with these processes.

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