Ashanti lives her ‘dream’ of getting a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame

On Thursday (April 7) morning at the Hollywood Walk of Fame, R&B star Ashanti was officially commemorated with a star – a feat that her mother, the famous mommy Tina Douglas, predicted decades ago.

“It’s surreal,” Ashanti said Billboards, Unveiling her star and taking some photos with longtime friends and collaborators Tichina Arnold and Ja Rule. “I am shocked, shocked and most grateful. It’s one of the highlights of my career and it’s one of the most important part of my life. “


See the latest videos, charts and news

See the latest videos, charts and news

The historic honor comes 20 years after the release of Ashanti’s first self-titled studio album, which premiered. Billboards Charted for 200 and 55 weeks. The Grammy winner and actress has since released 18 Hot 100 tracks, including two No. 1 hits.

“I’m not a very emotional person, so it’s a little weird for me to cry today,” Ashanti said with a laugh. “I am so humble and happy that friends, family and real people here support me who I love.”

In addition to Arnold and Ja Rule, Ashanti was surrounded by her parents, Tina and Ken-Kid Thomas Douglas, sister Kencia Douglas, Lupita Cornejo, Simon Smith, her team, many loved ones and fans. He thanked her during his acceptance speech, naming his parents as his lifeline and family as his foundation.

“It’s unrealistic that my mother told me it existed,” the star explained. “As a mother, she really felt that ‘my child will get it.’ He has expressed it and I am forever grateful. “

Earlier, Ashanti’s mother showed the audience a picture of the star she had made for her daughter. “I didn’t know he still had that star,” Ashanti said proudly.

“I am grateful [Hollywood Chamber of Commerce] The reason for doing this is that as artists, we’ve made a lot of sacrifices, a lot of sacrifices, so it feels like we’re being rewarded with something. [lasts] An honor forever. “

To get the support of his famous friends Arnold and Ja Rule, Ashanti said Billboards“They are my people. Ja my brother, we made history together and it wouldn’t be the same without him. “

The duo’s 2001 song “Always On Time” became a No. 1 Billboards Hot 100 hits and charted for 27 weeks.

Ashanti and Arnold performed together when the first bond Wiz. “With Tichina, it was very important to represent a black woman and continue that narrative of women’s empowerment.”

After Ashanti’s star show, family and friends joined her for an intimate, sumptuous lunch at Tettel Beverly Hills, presented by PrettyLittle Thing, where many shared heartfelt thoughts about Billboard Music Award-winners – and hilarious stories.

After listening to kind words and funny memories, Ashanti shared a message of her own. “My family has been my backbone since the beginning. I didn’t wake up and say ‘I want to be a star or a singer’, it just happened. But having been in this business for so many years has taught me a lot. ”

He briefly thanked God and his supporters for being emotional again. “A lot of people have betrayed me and stabbed me and I was stupid, so I appreciate you for believing in me, for enjoying this moment here.”

“Without the machine behind me, I wouldn’t be here,” Ashanti continued. “I am able to live my dream. This star symbolizes that I have done something right. “

Check out Ashanti’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star below:

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