Anthony Tremino for California Governor: Changing Management

Anthony Trimino, the grandson of an immigrant who fled Communist Cuba, a 50% Mexican, 50% Cuban and 100% American, gave me time to explain it in his exceptionally decorated traffic company building in Irvine, California, USA. He has begun a race to become the governor of the state of California.

I have now met Anthony and his wife Jennifer, who will be a beautiful and approachable First Lady, face to face several times, in person, and have received satisfactory answers to every specific question I have asked; Not ducking or diving into an issue, but an effective strategy for California sickness that will turn people’s lives upside down. Per California is good.

I am sure that we all agree that we can no longer carry on with the current governor who has contributed to the destruction of the great state of California. California is in pain for new management. Corruption must end now. I believe we have reached a point where we have no choice but to stand firm and listen to the voices of every California. It’s not enough to just cry and complain about how bad things are. The time has come for all Californians to take control of our American rights, for those who truly represent the United States, we, the people, to choose a new governor who will establish new and healthier policies that will heal California.

Many California governments have long abused their power. Furthermore, the current governor, Gavin Newsom, has abused his power and so his term must end, to be replaced by a governor who will focus on the quality of life of all Californians.

Anthony Tremino stands for California

Fans see Anthony Trimino, a Republican gubernatorial candidate in California “X Factor” California 2022 Governorate Race. She appeals to a wide range of California, from mothers, to the fastest growing conservative group in California who do not want the government to interfere with their children and / or their co-parents, as well as Californians at all walks of life.

One of the few breakaway corners in the traffic building.  Photo by Nurit Gringer
One of the few breakaway corners in the traffic building. Photo by Nurit Gringer

Professional approach

Mr. Tremino’s unique multicultural Cuban-Mexican-American heritage and his business experience as a top CEO in Orange County, his company TRAFFIK, one of America’s fastest growing privately held companies, redefine itself by providing a timely opportunity for the Republican Party. Evolve and, most importantly, start changing the structure of the California voter base. While some suggest that the Republican Party is in its last breath in California, supporters are seeing an optimistic future with Anthony Tremino.

Since Anthony’s business goal is to create the right image for big companies like messaging, branding and the Fortune 500, he believes he can use this same professional approach for the benefit of all California residents. And California certainly needs a lot of rebranding.

Jennifer and Anthony Tremino in Irvine, California - Photo by Nurit Gringer
Jennifer and Anthony Tremino, Irvine, California – Photo by Nurit Gringer

Anthony objected to the current governor’s deaf-mute attitude and short messages. He focuses on the sensitive, most important message to the audience which is the quality of life, not politics. It’s not about the conflict in Ukraine. Rather, he is dedicated to the whole of California. He wants to stabilize the state, re-empower parents, create a safe environment for children and protect parents.

Mr Tremino strongly believes in restoring public confidence in the system. Supporting all Californians in the upcoming election is an important aspect, and he firmly believes that he is committed to fulfilling that goal by providing California voters with the option of a hard-working candidate that reflects the diversity of today’s state.

Moving from mismanagement to management to California

Anthony Trimino’s ability to spread his message across party lines is seen as a unifying factor in California’s needs. While many Californians in Sacramento have ample reason to resent politics, Mr. Tremino, a husband and a father, has a message of freedom, faith, family, common sense, empathy and hope. This should resonate with California’s majority, a unifying factor that could bring more voters into the election.

Taxes: Californians are the highest taxed Americans in the country. “Time to cut taxes,” Mr. Tremino said. But how? The California treasury has a surplus of $ 47 billion. That means Californians are taxed extra. Mr. Tremino will call for a thorough state audit and if there is a surplus, it will sell it and provide rolling back taxation, including petrol tax. Like mismanagement of funds and constant expansion of the state budget “Robin Hood mentality,” Mr. Trimino says. It does not benefit the taxpayers or improve their standard of living.

Homelessness: To fix the devastating homelessness situation in California, Mr. Tremino would like to ask voters, at what cost? We were asked? Have we approved that cost? So far, the negative for all three. Currently, $ 100 million in annual salaries have been set aside to pay people “Fight and fix” Homelessness in California but still, there is no solution in sight. Tremino said he would consider allocating existing funds to churches and non-profit organizations that are already working with the homeless and actively working with the homeless, as well as helping the police to free the streets from homelessness. Tracking and reporting of how money is spent is needed.

Law: California is one of the 6 most regulated states in the Union Mr. Tremino will work to reduce regulations and fees for these regulations.

Public safety and policing: Californians don’t get government jobs to protect them. Crime affects every Californian. “Let the police be the police,” said Mr. Tremino; Cancel the trifecta problem of no cash bail, the swift door of quick release of criminals and the blind eye of misdeeds.

Affordable housing: The price of a single-family home or rental apartment in California is exorbitant, higher than the national average, all related to regulation. “Rules are expensive and those costs are passed on to the buyer or tenant.” My plan is to free the state from all irrational regulations. Promise Mr. Trimino.

Re-allocation of funds: “This has to do with the audit and negotiation of all infrastructure contracts. There is a lack of accountability in California. I will manage the mismanagement of the state. Mr. Trimino says. “I will conduct my governorship with transparency and will never be deaf-mute; I will open the books to the public so that we are all on one page, to heal the state.

School choice: “I’m all about school choice; It’s about parenting, “he said. Mr. Trimino says. She will support parental rights and allocate, 14,000 annually for each child to pay for the school of their choice.

Last but not least … hot topic, abortion: “This is a federal issue.” Mr. Trimino State. Although he “Pro-life, “ As a governor, he will uphold the law, and if there is a need to change the law, it must be done by state vote, not by pen.

The governing nucleus of Anthony Trimino is the family. Over the years state governments have imposed a bandage on the problems facing the state. The first step is to remove the bandage and reveal what is below.

Mr. Tremino’s management agenda will make all Californians better providers for themselves and their families.

To learn more about Anthony Trimino’s race for governor of the California office, visit:

Track record

Anthony has consulted for decades for the largest and most innovative companies in the United States. He believes that his successful and positive entrepreneurial and inclusive style will revive the state’s economy and help shape policies that make it work for all. Also, his campaign is working to expand the voter base to those who have lost confidence in career politics and to increase the voter turnout by 63% seen in previous California elections.

Anthony Tremino is in this race because to him, he often said, “This is private.” His focus is not politics, people, their lives and their future. “It’s not about policies, it’s about policies, and my goal is to move away from partisan politics and into a real business that serves every California.” He said. The idea that he could make a positive difference for California and its people led Anthony Tremino to enter the governorate race.

Traffic Company Building, Irvine, California.  Photo by Nurit Gringer
Traffic Company Building, Irvine, California. Photo by Nurit Gringer

“Let’s make history. By electing me, Californians will elect the first Latino governor. It’s historic. “ The governor insists on the candidate while we sit in his traffic company building conference room and each room has an interesting story of history, extremely good taste and success to tell.

Those who are Californians at heart have a task: to help elect Anthony Trimino as the next governor of California.

All of the above have been abbreviated by calls from all Californians To win Anthony Tremino he has to go to the polls and vote, no-if-no-but, an excuse. All Californians can make a difference in the state by voting, especially personally and not on the very last day, but a few days before the vote ends. It is up to us, the people, to choose a governor who will serve the United States!

All Californians who want to see a positive change in the state are encouraged to spread the word, And join In support of Anthony Tremino for the next governor of California.

Anthony Tremino is available for media interview. Contact her through her website:

Author with Gubernatorial candidate Anthony Tremino.  Photo by Nurit Gringer
Author with Gubernatorial candidate Anthony Tremino. Photo by Nurit Gringer

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