A message for the Russian people

I begin to write to you in the quiet of the night, again awakened by the siren of tears, warning of impending violent chaos and destructive destruction.

We have been attacked by your military forces through war.

Our recognized borders have been violated, our surroundings have been destroyed by bombs and artillery shells, our citizens have died, our infrastructure has been destroyed, our institutions have been threatened, and millions of our people have fled for their lives.

This destruction is the result of the decision of a person who is not restrained by international law and more, who does not respect the dignity of human life, who does not respect or know his neighbors and who cannot even acknowledge that he is a unique and sovereign human being.

He is an angry man, a despairing and despairing man, whose thoughts are old and which are of the past. By all recognized civil steps, he deserves to be recognized as a war criminal, a respected leader of the once proud nation, like the Nazis. He has acted, and above all, secretly perceived by you as a “benevolent” guru, but in reality, he is a reckless and uncontrollable jar who gambles on your future in the exercise of power, both at home and abroad to assert his fetish. He does not care about you or your country. He only stole from you, with his friends, your national heritage raped you.

Although he started his criminal life long ago, he is now pursuing them on someone else’s land: on Ukrainian soil. Violation of both international and ethical laws. Ordered bombings in the surrounding area, people fleeing, hospitals for the sick and where Ukrainian mothers give birth. And he does it in your name. But of the few who still reason, and dare to be fair, we know you are ashamed.

This precedent is not an application, but a message. Trying to reason between helpless and forced violence and fear will soon overwhelm you with hunger. It will overwhelm you, your body is screaming for sustenance, taking away the clarity of thought. So take a moment to think clearly, to establish a sequence of thoughts based on information and facts and that will suggest you a new reality. A thought that transcends the realization of truth will give you the freedom to reject the manipulative propaganda of a narrative based on lies.

Your tsar has ordered your sons to destroy our country. It is not a military operation, it is a war. And despite what you have been told, you know in your heart that this is a war.

It is an attempt to destroy our efforts to create a social order based on human dignity. It is an attempt to destroy our efforts to define freedom. For freedom, and for its pursuit, it is the desire of every human soul that seeks comfort and security within the just framework of the rule of law. It is an attempt to destroy us as human beings, our culture and what makes us unique.

I am writing to you because you must be aware that there are seeds of genocide in this war. Are you willing to carry this burden on your soul for the rest of your life and cut the black mark of condemnation and isolation for your country?

You must know that we will fight you and we are ready to die, ready to lie down, “our soul and body for our freedom”.

As independent and sovereign people, we have not only rebelled against the authoritarian order you have imposed, we have rejected your world. And now, we are forced to fight you because we know it is a fight for our very existence.

A view of the central square of Kharkiv, the second largest city in Ukraine, after being bombed by Russian warplanes and heavy artillery.

You must know that we will resist the authoritarian order of your world. The world has seen and noticed how ready we are to stand against you. They are with us. The world is against you. Our resistance has inspired the world.

We will not occupy, and we will no longer submit to those who persecute us and try to tell us how to live. Because through our suffering we have learned that we are the sole determinant of our personal and national destiny. Freedom has a price and it is not free, we are in the process of paying for it.

We are a sovereign nation, an independent nation and a unique people. We are not Russian. We are not you and we have never been. We are Ukrainian and we will never kneel before anyone again. We will never be subordinate to anyone’s younger brother. You are not our brother and you never were. We are two different mothers, one from the Democratic West, the other from the authoritarian East.

Know that, a millennium ago when our Kiev was the center of trade and higher education, you did not even have Moscow. It was a wild innocent forest.

Because of the iniquity of your czar, you are in the process of being separated from the civilized world. You can’t travel wherever you want, you can’t trade, you can’t participate in the world economy, you can no longer participate in its social, cultural and sporting pursuits. You will soon become a backward kingdom.

So you know, he was warned that starting a war with Ukraine would mean imposing sanctions. He did not think about the possible effects it would have on you. Because he doesn’t care about you, the “Russian people.” Your Putin only thought of imposing his now almost impotent desire on others. His craving for power and control is insatiable, and even his life and thoughts are eroded and drowned in the nostalgia of past glory. That time is over. The time will finally come to bury the old Soviet man.

You will suffer for it, but we will not be happy to see you hungry. We do not rejoice at the value of what you have worked so hard for. But his decision brought it. Your jar and his friends will never miss a meal, but you will miss many.

The world is with us. The world has come together for your jar and what he represents. His account is being taken. The civilized world demands responsibility and accountability for its actions. Yet, you are suffering for his crime. Will Are you groaning in fear like a wounded woman, or will you show off your dignity?

Ukrainian soldiers help a woman across a destroyed bridge in the once quiet residential Kyiv suburb of Irpin.

You should be alarmed at the crimes that have been committed in your name and under the color of your flag. History will judge you harshly. But history will have to waitOr you have already been judged and condemned by the whole world in less than two weeks as a result of the atrocities committed by your people on our land.

The world has shown that it will no longer face your presence in its civic community. To make it clear, it will not and will not take into account the intentional shelling of neighbors, the indiscriminate killing of innocents, or the plight of the displaced. These crimes against humanity will not remain in the dark, because they have already been revealed in the light of truth.

You too will be taken into account. You will not be forgiven for the crime committed in your name. However, it is time for you to acknowledge and repentOr is it evil intent to kill and destroy, but that is ‘Good’ Celebrating the beauty and life flowing from the waters of freedom. You. I forgot this. Reject and resist evil and its darkness, and live in the comforting rays of light and truth.

This is also your judgment, and the verdict is not yet final, but it is already revealing the tragedy of the darkness of your soul. But hopefully. You will suffer. As a Russian, you know that misery can get you to see that it is in human nature to want to see and understand what is beautiful and good. Have you forgotten the story of Dostoevsky’s Karamazov Brothers?

As your neighbors, it was not our intention or intention to kill your young men and then pack their burnt, bloody, bullet-riddled and mutilated bodies into boxes and deliver them to the homes of their bereaved mothers.

But you understand, we must kill them, because, in your name, they attacked our home, threatened and killed our children and their mother. We know what we ask: Won’t you do the same?

We, the Ukrainians, are angry, outraged, but sorry for forcing us to resort to violence against our will. Forced into a course we didn’t want to take. You know very well that we are peace loving and generous people, bFor so long our dignity has been violated by empire and ideology. Our sovereignty has been undermined, our independence has been questioned, failed and disrespected. And now, not only do we raise our voices, we also raise our arms and declare, “If you come to our country with malicious intent, we will kill you.”

In Ukraine we want independence. This is what we want both individually and nationally. It is the developed national narrative of our country and it is our destiny. We are willing to die for it. Your sons, who have lied and been deceived, surrender. We will provide them with a safe passage home.

Why don’t you join us in a similar quest, a quest for freedom? Because we are all of the same nature, eager to be free. We know you understand, you are too scared at the moment to admit to listening to others.

You don’t cogs on a machine. You are not a dog. You are not a victim. And you are certainly not a child who makes excuses for not being right and morally right.

Like any adult, you must take responsibility: to decide what is right, to act with courage, and to make sure that what is true. Because when you know the truth, the truth will set you free. So, determine your destiny.

Because you human beings, inspired by God-given dignity, possess a moral organization, a spirit that calls you to work and determine what it means to be human.Or a burden has been placed on your shoulders: will you respond and act with the courage that pollution is now spreading to your Russian soul?

Because it is not just our country that stands on this suspended security order, but you and possibly the world as well.

I will not lie to you that when you revolt and march in protest of this war and your tsarist rule, you will be beaten so badly that you will surrender like a village dog. Be aware, however, that the wounds of the body will heal in time, but in the moment after that and then forever, you will feel the strengthening of the armor of your soul.

You will be taken prisoner, but there you will feel that it means free. For cold rooms and prison bars only signposts in the area of ​​freedom that are outside their borders.

Remember, Solzhenitsyn wrote, “Bless you in prison, bless you for living my life. Because there, lying on the straw of a rotten prison, I realized that the purpose of life is not prosperity, as we have come to believe, but the maturity of the human soul. “

We, in Ukraine, are waiting for your answer.

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