A letter from a Jew to the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky

Dear Volodymyr Zelensky,

You are a master of public relations, a Churchill for your country, a true patriot.

I am a Jew, the daughter of a Holocaust survivor.

Indeed, your country, Ukraine, has been attacked and the reality is horrible. Technology has allowed you to appear in front of the country’s parliament and on every TV channel, and the plight is clear, Ukrainians will fight for their independence and sovereignty if they can get support and assistance from outside.

Before I begin, I would like to remind you that the Prime Minister of Israel, if you had to appeal to the world with the same passion, he would not receive the same sympathy and help. Why, because Israel is a Jewish state. Remember when 4000-plus rockets were fired from Gaza at civilian targets in May 2021 to destroy the country and life in Israel came to a standstill? Instead of sending aid, the world has strongly protested against Israel in order to protect itself.

So, we need to clear up a few issues now …

Jews have always been and are underdogs. For centuries the Jews have been low-income, yet they are still around when those who were at the top have disappeared from the face of the earth. The Jewish state of Israel is always an underdog in every conflict to defend itself. Still, that underdog wins.

Volodymyr Zelensky on the Western Wall.  Newsblaze cartoons.
Western Wall Zelensky. Newsblaze cartoons.

Mr. Zelensky, your country Ukraine is an underdog against Russia and Israel in general aligns itself with an underdog. The truth is that in every war Israel was forced to fight, the Israelis were underdogs because they were outnumbered, isolated and countries like Ukraine chose to align themselves with Israel’s enemies, even voting in the UN against the Jewish state. I hope you remember this hateful attitude.

In all fairness, Israel does not hate Ukraine, Zilch, Nada, Knot.

But Israel has chosen the path of help. It sent the aid it deemed appropriate to Ukraine and did so voluntarily. Plenty of humanitarian aid, medical aid, bullet proof ambulances and much more have been sent, and even a field hospital has been set up on the Polish border. No thanks from you but more push and more push to help Ukraine more and if not your gilt finger is pointed towards Israel, towards the Jews.

For centuries the Ukrainians persecuted the Jews among them; They humiliated them, beat them to death, and massacred innocent Jews. Ukraine’s history is full of Jewish blood.

Your comparison of the Holocaust with today’s conflict is disgusting and arrogant and historically incorrect. European Jews had no state, they lived in the host country; They had no army, no military training, no anti-aircraft missiles, no 100,000 rifles to distribute and nothing to defend themselves. They dropped out of any possible defense. They never thought that their neighbors, their countrymen could harm them so much.

After Rurik Prince took Kyiv from the Sviatoslav Khazars in the middle of the 10th century, Jews began to settle in the new capital of Kievan Russia – the homeland of the Russians, Belarusians and Ukrainians.

If we talk specifically about the Ukrainians, we don’t even begin to describe how most Ukrainians have treated the Jews since the Jews became their neighbors. And there was no one to send them relief and rescue missions in their time of need. They pushed, whatever, and continued.

Mr. Jelensky, it is clear that you think Jews are ‘indebted to you’ because you are Jewish, your parents are Jewish, and you are of Jewish descent.

Shall I mention that your children are not only Jews, but baptized with your permission?

In 2014, a number of Ukrainian news outlets reported that you, Mr. Zelensky, named your one-year-old son Kirill in the oldest church in the Ukrainian capital. As a gift, the child received a Christian Bible and a cross on a chain. The report never mentions that you were Jewish, but an article did “Your parents did not attend the naming ceremony.”

I assume that Judaism was of no importance to you unless your country was in urgent need of going to the Jewish state for help.

So let’s do everything in the correct order. First, you should stop complaining that Israel is not doing enough for Ukraine. It. Second, you should start saying thank you and show a lot of gratitude. Third, the next time the UN votes against Israel, remember where Ukraine’s vote is. Remember how many Muslim and Arab countries there are, how many of them want to swallow the Jewish state when Israel worked… and won!

In 1941, when Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union, which included Ukraine, there were approximately 40 million Ukrainians. Over the next few years 1.2 to 1.6 million Jews were murdered, with the enthusiastic cooperation of the vast, vast majority of Ukrainian citizens. Ukraine, as a whole, rejoiced at the extermination of its Jews. According to Iyad Vashem, out of 40 million Ukrainians, there are only 2,619 righteous people among the Ukrainian nations who saved the Jews during the Holocaust… the rest ?!

And if you want Israel to continue its support for Ukraine, don’t compare the current situation in your country with the systematic genocide of more than 60 million Jews in World War II, where sadly more than 900 people have died so far; Do not dare to compare the Ukrainian victims of this war who lie in mass graves all over Europe, such as Babin Yar, the valley of the Ukrainian capital Kiev, the site of the genocide perpetrated by Nazi German forces and their Ukrainian allies. Its propaganda against the Soviet Union in World War II. The first and best recorded massacre on September 29-30, 1941, was about 33,771 Jews killed.

Zelensky and Netanyahu.  From the YouTube screenshot.
Zelensky and Netanyahu. From the YouTube screenshot.

Mr. Zelensky, being a Jew in your country, having a Jewish name in your identification document, or being a ‘Jew’ when applying for a job or applying for schooling was disenfranchised. The best identity next to your name in this war of Russian aggression is ‘Jew’. Because there is a Jewish state called Israel that will continue to save every Jewish soul in need and get him or her out of the problem zone.

Israel, the Jews will always help; Not because you, Mr. Zelensky, a Jew, or some Jewish blood is flowing in your veins, but because they are Jews and Jews do so, they please.

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