9 mistakes of tourists in Charleston

Charleston, South Carolina, has long appealed to tourists for its rich history, beautiful gardens and architecture, and A + food and shopping views. Nevertheless, the popularity of shows like “Southern Charm” and the presence of a major lifestyle influencer in the city have increased its profile in recent years.

If you find yourself planning a trip to “Chalktown”, keep in mind – visitors make a number of common mistakes while staying there and the locals must take note. We asked the people living in the port city to share something wrong with their observation.

From shoe choices to time issues, tourists often make nine mistakes when traveling to Charleston – and here are some tips to help you avoid these mistakes while traveling.

Wearing the wrong shoes

“One of the biggest mistakes I made when visiting Charleston was not bringing comfortable walking shoes. When you’re in Charleston, you’ll walk a lot, so you need comfortable shoes! ” Molly McGrew, Gracefly Gingham’s blogger

“Don’t wear stilettos. Our roads are old and paved. If you wear stilettos downtown, you are bound to get stuck and lose a heel. And bring a pair of rain boots. Charleston is just 20 feet above sea level, and it is often flooded. When high tides and rain storms coincide, you walk to the center of the water. “- Jaime Hoffman, blogger at Charleston Blonde

Too late to go to the beach

“Don’t be late to the beach. The traffic on the beach is terrible in summer. If you don’t want to spend hours and hours looking for traffic and parking, you must get there early. ” – Kelsey Hill, Chasing Cinderella Blogger

Don’t make dinner reservations

“When visiting Charleston, tourists almost always want to eat at some of the popular restaurants. Most of these restaurants require reservations and must be completed a few weeks in advance (if not months). So I recommend planning your dinner before your trip!” – Mountains

“The first thing that comes to mind is to plan ahead! I think a lot of people come to town and expect that they will only be able to walk to a restaurant, or just wait an hour or so. Nowadays, Charleston has so many visitors that restaurants are often fully committed to the night, even on a random Tuesday. Even locals need to plan ahead and save now! ” – Megan Pinkney Rutherford, Blogger of Shades of Pink

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Charleston Want to enjoy your visit? Get advice from these locals.

Miss Happy Hour

“Don’t miss the Happy Hour. Tourists often make the mistake of going out after 8:00 pm when they really should join the locals between 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm for their local happy specials. Half of their craft cocktails at my favorite Uncork Charleston and with discounted small plates and wine. “- Hoffman

Your shopping options are limited

“Charleston has amazing shopping, but many tourists seem to be stuck with big-name stores that can be found anywhere. I would recommend local shopping in places like The Tiny Tassel, Charleston Wine Co. and Candlefish.” – Emma Wah, creator of Girl It’s Charleston

“Don’t do all your shopping on King Street. There are lots of great shops and small businesses around Charleston, don’t limit your shopping to just one street! – Mountains

Downtown dining only

“Charleston has an incredible culinary scene, but I often see visitors limit their time to downtown Charleston. Although there are several places not to be missed on the peninsula, a short drive in either direction is worth your time. Make your way to North Charleston and stems. Go to Park Circle for a glass of natural wine at & Skins, and then walk around Montague Avenue for a traditional new Chinese-American dish in Jacquard Philly. The coastal inn in the Village neighborhood is a must visit post house. Oysters are always on the menu and their back bar cheeseburger is a personal choice. ” – Joy Jones, food writer and photographer

Tourists eat at the trap

“Don’t go to the ‘Tourist-Y’ restaurant. Stay away from the chain restaurant. Charleston is known for their amazing food, and you won’t find it at this spot! – Mountains

“Don’t fall into the trap of tourism. Stay away from places like Hymans Seafood, where there is always a line of tourists outside the door. Local favorites – try 167 Raw, SNOB, Chubby Fish or Halls Chophouse. “- Hoffman

Misunderstanding what ‘Charleston’ means

“Charleston” can mean three different things, depending on who you’re talking to: 1) Charleston’s Great State aka the whole Charleston metro area. 2) Charleston County, which has many different cities and municipalities – James Island, John ‘S Island, North Charleston, etc. 3) The city of Charleston, which is more West Ashley than just the peninsula, is also the city of Charleston but not too many tourists go that way. ” – KJ Carney, founder of Black Food Fridays

Don’t ask for help

“Ask for help! We are happy to recommend travelers to the South. The hospitality of the South in Charleston is king and everyone is friendly. And if a local says hello, be polite and say hello back. In Charleston, locals talk to strangers and we expect kind greetings in return. ” – Hoffman

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