5 ‘NCIS: LA’ storyline that needs to be resolved by the end of season 13

The good news is we can see the rest NCIS: LA 13th season knowing that it will return next year. Has renewed it with CBS NCIS And NCIS: Hawaii For the 2022-2023 broadcast season. The problem? The There is a tendency to take multiple seasons to solve major, ongoing storylines, and there are a few that we really hope we don’t have to wait until at least September to see how they can play.

From the Hetty Lange (Linda Hunt) mission in Syria to the slowly becoming more mysterious, from an agent’s cold deep trap to a criminal threatening the life of a member of the group, it has many loose ends that need not be taken to Season 14. . After all, now is the time to get acquainted New Multi-episode arcs.

By the end of May 22 season 13 we read five running story lines. We have to see if it has been resolved in any way. Really, any of these could be good for the 300th episode (airing on May 8).

Katia, Russian spy

The Russian spy Katia (Eve Harlow) remains a thorn in the side of Callen (Chris O’Donnell) and Anar (Bar Pali), now going to use a deep trap of NCIS agents. That’s exactly when, if not, he’ll strike, and the worst part is waiting. We’ve met Katie for 10 seasons (“The One That Got Away”) and she’s now betting on how many people can be fooled by Callen’s deep net (her doctor, a banker, Anna), everything has to come to a head sooner rather than later Later.

Callen’s education

As Callen learned earlier this season, his and Hetty’s history goes far beyond what he had previously imagined: in a junior version of the CIA selection process. Since discovering the truth, Callen has made it his mission to go deeper into it, but Haiti left the United States for her own work before speaking to him. We see young Callen before the test and during the period he now remembers, but he still needs answers to keep all the pieces together.

Hetty’s mission

Hetty briefly stopped at LA earlier in the season before returning to his secret mission, which took him to Syria. The party has been kept in the dark about most of what he is doing, and the last time we heard of him, he was present at the place where the US drone strikes took place. He met with Target, leading Callen to wonder if he himself had ordered the strike. Hattie’s old friend, Harris Keane (Jeff Cober, last seen in Season 10), told Callen that he was acting as his overwatch because he tried to negotiate to reveal some of his “people” (possibly NCIS) as Western journalists. No one knows what happened to him after the strike. That’s what we are Definitely Will have to find out this season.

Kessler’s threat

At this point, Kensi (Daniela Ruh) must be alive with the knowledge that she once helped remove a criminal (for a crime including human trafficking) and threatened to kill him (quite memorably) because of the President’s pardon. He also confirmed to remind her with a postcard. His last return and what he can do to Kensi or Dix (Eric Christian Olsen) has long hung over their heads like the sword of Damocles.

Densy and the Kids

The kids’ topic first came before they were hired for Kenny and Dix (but led to the first unofficial proposal in Season 7’s “The Seventh Child”). They are not always on the same page, but after a long journey involving trying and failing to get pregnant, they have turned to adoption and upbringing. And it seemed like they could start a family with Rosa (Natalia del Rigo), a young girl named Kensi met in a lawsuit. Although it wasn’t supposed to happen (she was with a distant aunt), the couple met her friend Pillar (Josie Niever) in the latest episode, “Pandora’s Box” at the Refugee Rehabilitation Office. Hope it has a happy ending.

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