10 richest Chinese billionaires 2022

The fortunes of the richest tycoons in the Middle Kingdom have fallen sharply over the past year as stocks have shrunk and the Chinese government has tightened its grip on technology companies.

AAfter setting a record in 2021, Chinese billionaires ForbesThe 36th annual list of world billionaires has slowed down. To make the 2022 list, the number of mainland residents has dropped to 539, down from 626 a year ago, as Chinese stocks have declined. But, with the fall, the country is again in second place after the United States – which has 735 billionaires – in the number of billionaires. (Hong Kong and Macao passport holders are not included in China’s count, who Forbes List separately.)

The combined wealth of Chinese billionaires has dropped to 9 1.96 trillion this year, from $ 2.5 trillion on the 2021 list, due to a combination of fewer members and weak stock prices. Although 149 Chinese have been dropped from the list since 2021, 60 newcomers have joined, including Miranda Kuo, one of three new self-made women in the country. This year China has more drop-offs and more new ones than any other country.

Together, the top ten Chinese are valued at $ 321.6 billion, down from $ 447 billion in 2021. Mainland Chinese billionaires now account for 15% of the world’s billionaire rank, with a total of 2,668 people valued at $ 12.7 trillion.

For the second year in a row, China is listed as the No. 1 bottled water and tea magnet by Zhang Shanshan, founder of Nungfu Spring. The primary school dropout is estimated at $ 65.7 billion, down $ 3.2 billion from last year; He is at number 17M The richest man in the world.

Zhang was among seven of China’s top 10 whose fortunes plummeted last year. Notable among the group were Internet-related businesses: Ma Huateng (also known as Pony Ma), CEO of Chinese gaming and social media heavyweight Tencent, the third richest Chinese citizen; Its fortunes fell $ 28.6 billion, or 44%, from last year to $ 37.2 billion as shares lost nearly half their value.

Green energy was a bright spot for China, which was helped somewhat by the popularity of electric cars. Although Gili’s share price has fallen, the fortunes of Li Shufu-China’s richest automaker and chairman of Gili Automotive have risen by $ 4 billion to an estimated $ 23.7 billion since Li (also known as Eric Li) struck a deal in September. In 2021 it will merge with a blank check company (a SPAC) in a 20 billion valuation to take electric vehicle maker Polyster public. SPAC integration hasn’t happened yet, so Forbes Polyester has applied discounts on an estimated 43% of Lee’s shares.

Here are the top 10 richest people in China

Total price as of March 11, 2022.


Zhang Shanshan

Total value: $ 65.7 billion

Source of Resources: Beverages, Pharmaceuticals

Accommodation: Hangzhou

Zhong Chair Nongfu Spring, a manufacturer of bottled water and tea drinks. He is China’s No. 1 richest man since the company’s September 2020 IPO in Hong Kong last year. Zhang presided over the Beijing Wantai Biological Pharmacy, the maker of the Covid-19 test.


Zhang Eming

Total value: 50 billion

Source of Resources: Internet Media

Accommodation: Beijing

Zhang is the main founder of ByteDance, which operates the very popular short video social media app TickTock and ranks it as one of the most valuable unicorns in the world. Zhang resigned as CEO of ByteDance in November 2021.


Mother Huateng

Total value: $ 37.2 billion

Source of Resources: Internet Media

Accommodation: Shenzhen

Ma is the CEO of web-media giant Tencent. The company’s Hong Kong-traded shares fell nearly half last year amid a slowdown in Internet business and a change in Communist Party rules. In March, Ma said China’s Internet industry was “restructuring” and “moving to a healthier mode.”


He is Jiangxian

Total value: $ 28.3 billion

Source of Resources: Home Appliance

Accommodation: Foshan

Home Appliance Billionaire O Jiangxian co-founder of Shenzhen-listed media group; He resigned as chairman in 2012. His family also controls Midea real estate, whose business has suffered due to oversupply in the mainland property market. His fortune has dropped by about 25% in the last year.


William Leigh Ding

Total value: $ 25.2 billion

Source of Resources:

Accommodation: Hangzhou

Ding is the CEO of Nasdaq-listed NetEase, one of the largest online gaming businesses in China. The company raised $ 422 million last December in a Hong Kong IPO of its music app, Cloud Village. His fortune on the 2021 list fell from $ 33 billion.


Wang Wei

Total value: $ 24.3 billion

Source of Resources: Package Delivery

Accommodation: Shenzhen

Wang founded and chairs SF Holdings, a package delivery firm known as FedEx in China. Its fortunes fell 37% last year as lower profits and tougher competition hit its listed shares on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.


Kin Inglin

Total value: .1 24.1 billion

Source of resources: Pig breeding

Accommodation: Nanyang

Qin Chair Muuan Foods, one of the largest pig breeders in China. He started the business in 1992 with 22 pigs with his wife, fellow billionaire King Ying.


Lee Shufu

Total value: $ 23.7 billion

Source of Resources: Automobile

Accommodation: Hangzhou

Li Shufu (also known as Eric Li) chairs Zhejiang Gili Holding, China’s richest entrepreneur in the auto industry, which has direct and indirect partnerships with automakers, including Volvo and electric vehicle maker Polyester.


Jack’s mother

Total value: $ 22.8 billion

Source of Resources: E-Commerce

Accommodation: Hangzhou

China’s richest man, formerly an outspoken co-founder of Alibaba’s Internet company, has calmed down in a 60% drop in Alibaba’s share price over the past year, along with a change in government policy toward foreign inventory and asset savings.


Huang Shilin

Total value: $ 20.3 billion

Source of Resources: Battery

Accommodation: Ninde

Huang is one of the two vice chairmen of contemporary Amperex Technology, the world’s largest battery supplier for electric vehicle assemblers.

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