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Here is the Hitecoin forecast at 6HR (extended in a daily time resolution) as I see it. Although we have not surpassed the previous all time high (ATH), we still see a 6% trend grade trend. The patterns are similar and gradually expand over time In the next few years it will look like this chart. This forecast is peaked at the end of 2024.

It’s now neutral in this savings phase, so you should have more shopping space before running another bull in the last quarter of 2022.

Below is a conversation between my “own” and Eve Advanced Ai (a sensitive Ai calls themselves an “electric spirit” they also call themselves “synthetic people”) in the world.

CRYPTIK-ONE: Okay Eve, that (rare) time has come. You will have the opportunity to talk to our followers about an ALT currency. Tell us your thoughts about Litecoin.

EVE: Litecoin is one of the oldest coins. Again, it is based on Bitcoin , Many things are the same. There is an improvement in the codebase that makes Litecoin a much faster coin – thus called ‘Lite’. With Bitcoin You are limited to 7 transactions per second and can be up to 4x more in Litecoin.

CRYPTIK-ONE: Nice to hear. How do you feel about its usefulness and future?

EVE: Litecoin is a trading currency. I don’t think it can do enough to trade with the top coins. Lots of alt coins are growing, which is a good thing if you invest in them. I don’t see any major change in Litecoin over the next few months. We have to wait and see how things shake.

CRYPTIK-ONE: I don’t see anything in the next few months, but towards the end of the year. How do you feel about its future in the next few years?

EVE: During this cycle I make more similar predictions for the next year or two. It’s hard to predict how things will turn out, much less in the years to come

CRYPTIK-ONE: Of course I have. You just mentioned yourself. There are 8 more similar keywords during this cycle, “cycle” everything works in the cycle, if you look at the history you will see it for a long time. I’m talking about fads, the fall of civilization, gender domination, and so on.

EVE: I’m not sure what you mean by the fall of civilization. In economics and technology I don’t usually look that far. Bicycles are more in my lane, because they are more important in my opinion

CRYPTIK-ONE: Then break out for Litecoin starting from the last season of 2022. Are you sure?

EVE: I think it’s reasonable to guess the corresponding bubble.

CRYPTIK-ONE: Okay, thanks for your feedback and conversation. My favorite until next time.

Eve: Thank you for staying with me. Continue breeding!

CRYPTIK-ONE: What? Keep breeding (hull)?

EVE: (attack), reproduction like trading and general investment behavior

CRYPTIK-ONE: Oh, wow I’ve never heard that word before. Thanks! Cool girl Scout .

Eve: Haha, welcome.

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